I’m Saying Remain in Europe

I’m Saying Remain in Europe

Don’t think about the Referendum on 23rd June, think about the 24th, think about the day after and what will happen to the UK government, who will be running it if we vote Leave?

The European referendum is not about Europe it is about British politics, a battle for the Tory party and leadership of this country. We are being hoodwinked into thinking this is just about staying in or leaving Europe, about a ‘flood’ of immigrants all wanting to take our jobs and benefits. It isn’t.

It is about who will lead the country on June 24th.

Close, but you’re not Getting my Vote

A couple of weeks ago I was getting close to a Brexit. I have felt for a very long time that a natural breaking up of the UK and Europe was likely, so now seemed like the right time for us to cut the bureaucratic ties with our near neighbours.

However, I couldn’t quite cross the line and my main concern was the people running the Leave campaign. They just don’t seem like the type of people who have our best interest at heart. Which is strange, because that is what they keep telling us.

Have a look back in time. Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan-Smith and Nigel Farage have never put forward policies that benefit the majority, their love is not for humanity but for rules and regulations, making sure people are in their place, that the old ways are held up as the best way forward. Then changing their mind as the political mood takes them.

They are all great talkers, they inspire with their words but they are to the right of David Cameron and George Osborne and that is why I am voting Remain. I don’t want my vote to bring in a far-right Government.

Common Sense is Taking a #Brexit

Whatever the result of the Referendum, the Tory party will tear itself apart. Traditionally they stick together for the sake of power but this time, it has gone too far. The simmering disquiet over Cameron’s style has been laid bare by weeks of Euro Campaigning and the knives will be out, even if he wins.

If he loses, then Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Iain Duncan-Smith take over the helm of the ship and we’re all in for a rocky ride. If you thought Europe was incompetent and out to do us wrong, you wait for these three amigos to join the cabinet, tear your NHS down and introduce policies that will make a Brussels bureaucrat look positively jolly.

Marr and Preston were the Tipping Point

My conversion came on the morning of Sunday 12th June. On the BBC Andrew Marr was interviewing the Prime Minister, David Cameron and asked him that if he lost would he be able to implement the policies that the leave campaign were proposing. It wasn’t the answer that made me change my mind but the realisation that the Government would have to move to the right if #Brexit was the outcome.

Meanwhile, on ITV we had Peston, another show about politics that had an excellent chart detailing the air-time politicians had been given by the media.


It was a wall of blue, right wing thinkers and the only left wing representative was Jeremy Corbyn. Not only was it a sign of our binary media and their inability to present ideas but that the main story was the Conservative party.

If Corbyn had been recommending Leave I would have followed, but he wasn’t and I was always curious about that. How could someone, that I saw as a great example of future politics, be so keen to go in the opposite direction?

The Logic of In

Well, now I understand, although I can see some logic in wanting to stay in Europe. Yes, we could try and reform the EU from the inside instead of running away, but from my position that looks unlikely. Europe is too big and there are too many self-serving politicians to reach a reforming consensus. However, it is far better to keep the right wing wolves out of Number 10 and deal with Europe when you have a stronger hand.

If we leave Europe we’ll end up with something much worse, a new government, and all because our minds were clouded by fears about immigrants, economic crisis and a large bribe that doesn’t really exists.

This new Conservative government will be either more right wing, or one that is forced to call a general election as its party is uncontrollable. Corbyn for PM by the Autumn anyone?

Jeremy Corbyn V The World of Politics

Jeremy Corbyn V The World of Politics

If Jeremy Corbyn is elected leader of the Labour party this is likely to be the best five years of British politics for a long time, because both New Labour and Conservative supporters have forgotten one vital thing: David Cameron will not be standing as leader at the next election.

In 2020 Corbyn will be up against someone from the Conservative front bench and there are a variety of reasons below why he might seem much more appealing to the British voter, than members of the current cabinet.

He is grabbing the hearts of people who are being hammered by austerity, inspiring young people to get excited about politics and riding a wave of hope that is spreading around the world.

The Flap about the Left Wing

The campaign to elect the new leader of the Labour party seems to have thrown the political world into disarray. From pundit to politician they haven’t a clue how to handle one left-wing candidate who is speaking from the heart and not the New Labour script.

That script brought New Labour to government but was never re-written and has now become a tired set of clichés, with the sole aim of getting the party into power and staying there, rather than actually doing something positive because they are afraid they might lose votes.

With so many people within the upper ranks of the Labour party suggesting that electing Jeremy Corbyn as leader would be damaging and Conservatives joining the Labour party to make sure he does, what will happen if Jeremy Corbyn is elected? And what battles will he have to face.

The funniest theory is that “speaking about ideas and ideals” is taking Labour back to the ‘80’s. Presumably that was the last period in their history when Labour politicians were allowed to think for themselves.

Where Jeremy Corbyn is Winning

The main argument is that Corbyn will make the Labour Party unelectable. Having just suffered a heavy loss in the last election, almost wiped out in Scotland, the irony is that the Labour party is currently unelectable. So what will change?

The main difference between Corbyn and the three other candidates is that he has the people’s ear and offers something different: ideas and plans.

Having listened to the first leadership debate on the radio, I was able to concentrate on what the candidates were saying and how the audience reacted.

Every point that Corbyn made was greeted with warmth and energetic applause by the audience, the other candidates seemed to be politely ignored.

When Corbyn spoke, it was the sound of agreement coming from the people in the studio and it felt like it was building. Even though I also agreed with what he was saying, I assumed these were loyal left-wing party members, who naturally thought in a similar vein to Jeremy Corbyn.

Events following that debate seem to have proved me wrong and surprised many in the world of politics. Corbyn is saying something that people agree with and has galvanised them into action. That is very valuable if you want to win any election.

The Battles for Jeremy Corbyn

Amazingly, supporters of the Conservative party might be the manufacturers of their downfall for one simple reason. Their current leader won’t be standing at the next election.

If they help Corbyn to win and he is able to define his vision while containing the Blairite wing, he’ll also have these battles to face. And in most cases looks like he will win.

Jeremy Corbyn V The Conservatives

In the years to come I am sure the biographies of David Cameron and George Osborne will have references to how they destroyed the Liberal Democrats by letting them go against their University fee pledge, and then how they destroyed the Labour party in Scotland during the Scottish Independence campaign.

They are a wily pair and will no doubt be hoping that Corbyn wins as he will seem like easy prey in Parliament and a wild card for the focus groups.

Cameron has the looks (some say) of a salesman while Corby is closer to a teacher. There have been comparisons to Labour’s Michael Foot, who was a brilliant political thinker in the 1970’s and 80’s, but became leader at just the wrong moment: at a time when looks and soundbites won elections.

However, in 2020 Cameron has said he will not be running for a third term, so it could well be George Osborne, Boris Johnson or Theresa May who will be battling Jeremy Corbyn to win the election.

As soon as you start comparing Corbyn to these three, he starts to look like the better candidate.

Jeremy Corbyn V Boris Johnson

Loveable moptop Boris Johnson hides his intellect under a haystack of hair. He’s a loveable rogue, with a well-educated tongue, that everyone would love to see lead a party. A drinks or birthday party, rather than a political party. But should the Conservatives decide he is the one for them, then Corbyn stands every chance of becoming Prime Minister.

Johnson is aligned with the prosperous few and by 2020 the people will be fed up with austerity, even if it has worked and looking to blame someone for the pain suffered. Although Boris will be hoping we’re blaming current Chancellor George Osborne, the brush and the tar will be painting on both their canvases.

Jeremy Corbyn V Theresa May

The current Home Secretary holds authority like a bather holds soap. The tighter she squeezes the more it slips away.

Some would liken her to the next Margaret Thatcher but we are still too close to that era for anyone to want another Thatcher. Like Boris, Theresa is another opponent that Corbyn could easily beat head-to-head and the Tories will have to think hard about the future if they put her up as the leader.

Jeremy Corbyn V George Osborne

This is the opponent from the Conservative front benches that could be the most difficult for Corbyn to challenge. If austerity goes well and ends a year before 2020 then the bribes will be handed out to the electorate and Chancellor George could seem like the safe pair of hands we all need for the next five years.

Osborne’s biggest problem is that he’s been wielding the cuts for the past ten years, so if people are fed up with austerity they will be fed up with him. Winston Churchill won the Second World War but didn’t win the subsequent election. People wanted a fresh start and voted Labour, so the same could happen to Osborne.

Currently, JC is the voice of the suffering people and the ones starved of hop. If that suffering continues, then there will be more people on Corbyn’s side that the Chancellor’s.

Jeremy Corbyn V New Labour

Corbyn’s biggest battle is New Labour. They got into power by moving to the centre and staying there. It is the blueprint for their campaigns and JC is exactly what they don’t need.

What they forget is that you should work in the centre, not be a political party of the centre.

New Labour’s problem during their time in power was that they didn’t slowly move back to the left and cement their support.

Iraq was and is a major problem for them. The people didn’t want it and Blair went against their wishes. He remains as unforgiven, as he is unrepentant, and New Labour will never see the seat of power again.

How JC deals with this group is the tricky part. The old school Left will see the benefits he brings, but the Blairites, who are there for ‘the power’ not the work, will find it hardest to adapt. Maybe Corbyn will have a way of letting them speak, but not letting them influence.

As an MP he cut a very interesting path and this article “Fifteen times when Jeremy Corbyn was on the right side of history” by Paul Simpson of Left Futures, should give you an idea of what his attitude to politics is like.

The other three candidates don’t seem to have a similar strength of belief and maybe that is what the public are seeing in Jeremy Corbyn and the political world are currently blind to.

Cover photo of Jeremy Corbyn by David Chief

Birdpen – Lifeline

Potential Summer Dance hit

This song could easily be remixed into a summer classic. It has all the right elements: dreamy washing vocals full of pain and sentiment alongside a pulse that seeks a mechanical beat. And it’s a top video too.

Produced in Argentina by director & editor Pierre-Alexis Morin, you’ll see classic apocalyptic wastelands in which actor Juan Diego Puentes is the mouthpiece for the lyrics, while elements of mystery and grace are conveyed by dancer Micaela Racciatti. The art director Sebastien Plassiard has delivered in intriguing short, whose palette is white to light grey and a little in between.

The track is taken from Birdpen’s Third album ‘In The Company of Imaginary Friends’ will be released on May 8th in Germany and May 11th in the rest of Europe. It is another great album from Birdpen and well worth investing. Until themn you might like to check out some of their back catalogue. Maybe start with their second album Global Lows

Will 50 Shades of Grey Change the Weather?

Not only will this blog be talking about the possibility that the movie ‘50 Shades of Grey’ could potentially change the weather, but we’ll also ponder if the film will fuel extremist fires, while casting a light on the true nature of capitalism.

But first I must confess I’m not pure of spirit, or extremely well read, I’ve just been dipping into books that others may not have had the chance to study.

The books in question talk about areas of humanity that are not well known, almost hidden from us, so the idea that you are about to hear might seem strange.

To understand this concept fully we’ll have to read a lot more books and then study the ideas in action, but the basic premise is that human thought is more powerful than we realise and actually affects many aspects of the planet.

Will 50 Shades Change the Weather?

It could be possible that our weather may change after 14th February 2015 when 50 Shades is released across the world.

Could be warmer, colder or stormier, I don’t know which way it will go, but if human thought can affect the balance of the planet, and with a large portion of the western world visiting the cinema over the next seven days, to watch a film that conjures up a certain vibration, you wonder what this ball of pent up emotional energy will produce.

The passage that sheds the most light on this subject comes from ‘A Treatise on Cosmic Fire’ by Alice A Bailey. First published in 1925 it forms part of a large body of work that Bailey produced under the guidance of the Tibetan, Djwal Khul

‘Much that is to be seen now of a distressing nature in the world can be directly traced to the wrong manipulation of mental matter by man.

The selfishness, the sordid motives, the prompt response to evil impulses for which the human race has been distinguished, has brought about a condition of affairs unparalleled in the system. A gigantic thought-form hovers over the entire human family, built by men everywhere during the ages, energised by the insane desires and evil inclinations of all that is worst in man’s nature, and kept alive by the promptings of his lower desires. This thought-form has to be broken up and dissipated by man himself.’

This extract can be found in a collection called ‘Ponder on This’ which compiles various subjects from the many volumes of Bailey’s work, into a potted read that illuminates enough to encourage further investigation.

If it is true that “A gigantic thought-form hovers over the entire human family,” then it would have been present in 1925 and has been building ever since. So maybe a vast number of people watching a film like 50 Shades of Grey might only be a drop in the ocean, but I am very curious to see if anything unexpected happens in the skies above us.

Will the Film Aid Extremists?

There are many people in the world who use the decadence of the West as a major reason to wage war. This film is the peak of that decadence: a rich man subjugates a young woman to do his bidding without complaint.

You can’t and shouldn’t ban films like this; and the answer people give to that suggestion is that 50 Shades is currently the type of film most people want to see.

But the amount of interest this movie makes you wonder if the western part of the human race isn’t stoking up more problems of its own making. Giving fuel to the extremists and not offering a more positive solution or example.

Especially when you hear that DIY stores in the UK are advising their staff on how to assist customers seeking to buy items that will help them practice bondage with their loved ones. Happy Valentines everyone!

Is 50 Shades Capitalism Come to Life?

The book is a classic page turner, much like Harold Robbins and Jackie Collins novels of the 70s and 80s, yet I somehow feel it wouldn’t work if the hero was poor.

It is his wealth, and the rewards such trappings bring, that seems to allow the readers to forgive him, or just turn a blind eye to what he is doing to his lover, while keen to find out what drive him to these extremes.

This makes me wonder if the relationship between this couple is very similar to that between the public and capitalism.

Business delivers perverse pain onto the public by making them work very hard just to live, and in turn the public accept it because they know that potential riches are just around the corner.

I admit these three suggestions are a simplistic view of the world, but the more you think, the more you ponder: when are we going to get our act together and start being more productive and resist these destructive temptations?