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Xan Phillips presents...

Vol. 17: Novelty Records - They Will Never Wear Off!*

Eric Bibb talked about his own personal serendipity in Vol 15; I've found mine here in Volume 17.

David Miller - BBC SCR - old music is his bagIt started when bought two albums of novelty records from BBC DJ David Miller (left). They were called "Hello Children Everywhere".

They were going cheap and contained a couple of songs I vividly remembered from my youth, plus some I wanted to forget. But listening to the ones I loved evoked many happy memories.

Ben - also knows a heap about musicWith all the nonsense going on about the Crazy Frog I though I could tie them together, interview David (as he is an expert) and also Ben (right) from Ben's Record Collectors (are originals worth a fortune?) throw in a few vox pops from around Guildford and then present it to you.


A Zagg - A writer of A novelty songThe icing on the cake, that moment when you know life is going your way, was when Nick asked me to make a poster for his mate, Adrian Zag (left), who was releasing a novelty song about Jerzy Dudek. My mouth dropped open wide. My heart sang like one of the three tenors. Unbelievable! Truly astounding. So close and not that far! The final interview was in the bag.

Dudek - Crazy Keeper

So here it is. A feature based on a couple of cheap CD's, quality guests, a new song about a goalkeeper caled Dudek (right) and a load of luck. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did making it.


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XP - July 2005

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