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Vol. 20: The new Star Trek is called Kirk

Whether or not you think it is possible to get such a cast together; to get someone to write scripts that will evoke the same level of enduring enjoyment the original conveyed... only time will tell.

But from a perspective of "please make it happen" it would be fabulous to have these great actors play the parts suggested. And to call it Kirk - a master stroke.

And if they could get Danny Elfman to write the music, people like Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarrantino to direct, then television would once again become king!

We were sent an e-mail, we can't say who from, here is the cast list and if you listen to the download you'll hear Andy 'cast' his expert opinion across the role of houour below.


James T Kirk - Brad Pitt
Hopefully will put in the same performance that made Fight Club so memorable. Maybe add a little of the cheek from Meet Joe Black. But just think about it, who would you pick to play James T Kirk? it has to be Pitt!
Spock - Ethan Hawke
Its only when you put the name against the face you think... yes... he is the possible son of Leonard Nimoy. Has had some sic-fi background with Gattaca but will no doubt leap at the chance of playing 'the one with the pointed ears'.
Bones - Steve Buscemi
The final part of the trio. He has the eyes and the depth of character to be very concerned about the health of aliens and humans, as well as the comic touch to fence with Spock.
Scotty - Robert Carlyle
Scottish, touch and angry. Some might say he is a bit too thin for the part but he could easily put on a few pounds hanging with the warp drives.
Uhura - Halle Berry
Most successful black actress around and ideal for the part. Hopefully will get a fuller role than in the first series. This part should also lift her from the lows of Catwoman.
Sulu - Jet Li
Like Halle Berry above if you are going to have someone with the skills of Jet Li in your television series you are not going to want him sitting around pushing buttons. Expect some serious kung-fu action from Jet-Li!
Checkov - Johnny Depp
Once again you wouldn't have thought it likely until you look at the face. Great actor who is currently only making productions that his children could watch. In this case it will be from behind the sofa like we did!

But will their agents let them?

XP - July 2005

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