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Vol. 39: Talking Tolkien

The Tolkien Society was formed in 1969 as an attempt to bring the works of JRR Tolkien back to the academic halls from where his tales were written.

As the joy of reading Lord of the Rings spreads so does a wave of artistic inspiration sweep out of the groups and societies that spring up in cities and towns of the loyal fans.

These groups write articles, paint pictures and create art that is closely associated with the books.

The archives of the Tolkien society are brimming with this memorabilia, collected from around the world.

They also collect merchandise from publishers and the like and I am sure you can imagine how much more there is since Peter Jackson made his fabulous trilogy.

Before the second film, Two Towers, came out I did a two hour special on 1350AM GU2 about Lord of The Rings.

We played music from the first film, listened to people's opinions on the film and also heard from Pat Reynolds who is the archivist for the Tolkien Society.

The font for the banner was downloaded from The Hutt and the picture of Tolkien was from

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