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Vol. 40: Saving Blackheath Common

The future of our energy supplies is in the balance. A recently announced Government review will determine where our future electricity supplies will come from.

It could be coal, gas, nuclear, wind or solar or maybe something new that doesn’t destroy the planet and costs very little.

Until that moment we will have to make do with what we have and supplies are running out. So should we extract gas where ever we find it no matter where it is?

A case in point is Blackheath Common in Surrey, where Star Energy has asked Surrey County Council for planning permission to extract natural gas from Blackheath Common.

The common is about a mile into the woods, down an ancient track called sandy lane, which then turns into a bridal way.

To build this plant they will have to widen Sandy Lane and drive their HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles) through the quiet countryside.

The locals don’t want it and have organised a protest group called Save Blackheath Common to try and stop it.

This features hears from Nicola Savage who is part of the organising committee trying to stop the destruction of this beautiful part of Surrey.

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