Live vinyl plan for Tann

It seems like yesterday when we spoke about Nick Tann’s vinyl project

In fact it was September 4th 2009 and I had just given him £10 towards recording and producing a live studio LP.

Almost a year and a half later, fans of the Eastleigh-based singer songwriter have donated enough for the tapes to roll.

But not in any old studio. It will be at Livingstone Studios in London, a place steeped in recording history.

Nick picked this Livingstone are hearing “Something in the Water” by Sonny: “I was blown away by the production and overall feel of the recording.”

So he’ll be using the same engineer, Kevin Feazey, who has also recorded with Matt Stevens, the musician who inspired Nick to start this project.

By why a live studio album? “I wanted to create something unique and affordable! The fact that I’m recording it live, without any overdubs, means that I can get more tracks recorded in the least amount of time thus costing less: simple as that.”

A common fear would be a member of the audience producing a natural sound during a dramatic silence.

However Nick seems unflappable about this possibility: “It’s all about capturing the moment. I do have a little “wriggle room” time wise so if something dreadful happens, like a coughing fit or worse still I break a string, then I can re-record it.”

Today that ten pounds seems a very wise investment: hopefully the album will come with a free record player.

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  • March 4, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    Thanks for a great article and your continuing support of all independent artists especially me!

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