Birdpen – Lifeline

Potential Summer Dance hit

This song could easily be remixed into a summer classic. It has all the right elements: dreamy washing vocals full of pain and sentiment alongside a pulse that seeks a mechanical beat. And it’s a top video too.

Produced in Argentina by director & editor Pierre-Alexis Morin, you’ll see classic apocalyptic wastelands in which actor Juan Diego Puentes is the mouthpiece for the lyrics, while elements of mystery and grace are conveyed by dancer Micaela Racciatti. The art director Sebastien Plassiard has delivered in intriguing short, whose palette is white to light grey and a little in between.

The track is taken from Birdpen’s Third album ‘In The Company of Imaginary Friends’ will be released on May 8th in Germany and May 11th in the rest of Europe. It is another great album from Birdpen and well worth investing. Until themn you might like to check out some of their back catalogue. Maybe start with their second album Global Lows

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