Scarlet Soho – When the Lights Go Out

The Rebirth of Synth Pop

This is classic pop. Synths, boy, girl, top tune and the beat of machines driving the song along. Dangerous too. A couple of plays and this excellent melody will stick in your head, while the awesome bass line gives the whole track that great, Friday night feeling.

The song is track two on the album ‘In Cold Blood‘ which is released 13 Feb 15 and contains a fine collection of similarly styled music that equals this song for melody, but matches the quality with variety.

The album is available to download from Amazon

We Are Bodies – Capsize

Day in the Life of a Record Shop Owner

This is a new project for Dave Pen (Archive, Birdpen) and Robin Foster. They have worked together on a couple of albums, the last being the soundtrack for the award winning Metro Manila.

The last video they were involved in was the excellent ‘Forgiveness‘ which was directed by David Procter. That also was a hard hitting story in which we seemed to arrive in the middle and were left wondering what happened next.

If you want to know what they are doing next follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Metro Manila

Great drama and gritty scenes it has being picking up awards and nominations left, right and centre.

The big one was at the Sundance Film Festival (2013) where director Sean Ellis won the Audience Award, World Cinema – Dramatic.

The soundtrack was Nominated in the Public Choice Award at the World Soundtrack Awards (2014) and the film was also nominated for a Bafta (2014) for Best Film not in the English Language.

No spoilers, just get on and watch it!

Archive – Feel It – Epic New Video

Archive Step Up the Visuals

One of the new tracks from Archive’s latest release – Restriction. Sung by Southampton’s Dave Pen (right) who was featured in this blog: Binaural Interview with Archive’s Dave Pen.

This video is a great step up for the band and really captures the live experience. Word is the next tour set will mimic the videos.

The latest album is another craft collection of songs and as always you have to think about the tracks, investigate them and let them win you over, rather than meekly sit there thinking “another Archive album, good.” I love ’em.

There is a vinyl version, which is very tempting with such a good album cover, but the link below will take you to the CD. Hopefully you’ll fall in love with Archive too.

Brussels Sprouts on Toast

One of those foods that you either love or loathe, the humble sprout is usually served with a roast, especially at Christmas but in this case we’re trying something a little left of centre – sprouts on toast.

Simple to make and prepare, this recipe should take 30 minutes from opening the fridge to sitting down to eat.

There is something about this meal that has a very comforting feel about it and lends itself to a variety of sauces.

If you are not a fan of sprouts it could be due to your first experience being the boiled variety. For me they are best when steamed and served with French mustard.

Ingredients. (Serves 1 as a main, 2 as a starter)

About 30 Sprouts
2 cloves of garlic
Brown bread, thickly sliced
Large knob of butter
Large lump of cheese
Black Pepper

How to make Brussels Sprouts on Toast

Prepare the sprouts by cutting off the end (where the stalk was) and peeling away a couple of layers of leaves.
Put the sprouts on a steaming basket, in a medium pan of boiling water and place the lid on top.
Leave for about 5 minutes and test for firmness using a skewer. They might need a little longer it all depend on how you like them.

While the sprouts are cooking make your toast and butter it.
Grate the cheese
Chop up the garlic.

Once the sprouts are ready remove the basket (use gloves) and tip away the water.
Add the remain butter to the pan and once it is fizzing add the garlic.
After a few moments add the sprouts and coat them in the butter and garlic mix.

Place the toast on a large plate, pile the sprouts on top and sprinkle with cheese and black pepper to taste.

A Little Something on the Side…

I love French mustard as a condiment with these, although you might like to try tomato chutney, humous or even sprinkle some soy sauce on top.

The best way to steaming Sprouts and Veg

My favourite method of cooking vegetables is using a stainless steel collapsible steaming basket.

They easily fit in a medium sized pan and can take enough veg for at least two people.

From peas to broccoli, sprouts to carrots, the food tastes fabulous and if you are making a gravy you can use the remaining water; although make sure you wash the veg before you steam it.

TIP: Keep an eye on the pan and make sure you put enough water in because if they run dry the smell is horrible.

Highlighted is the type of basket I use but there are many others available.

Get to know more about Brussels Sprouts here