A Government of National Unity is needed

A group has been started on Facebook to bring to people’s attention that before rushing into a General Election, in which MPs will get a ‘good kicking’ but solve nothing, that maybe a Government of National Unity would be able to clean up the current crisis in the UK’s Parliament.

Facebook Group: We Need A GNU

Having a GNU is not a new idea and was recently proposed as a piece of fantasy politics at the last Liberal Democrat conference in Bournemouth (2008).

During a debate about the financial crisis the chairman Michael White put the question to Dr Vince Cable and Charles Clark. You can read about it in his Guardian blog posting “Financial crisis may lead to government of national unity

He also writes: “It is no longer impossible to imagine that a wider reconstruction of government might be needed if the Wall Street and world storm gets much worse. We had a wartime coalition in 1915-18, another after the financial crash of 1931, a third from May 1940 to July 1945. ”

However no one thought that the storm would unearth greed so close to home and cause such anger in the country.

Although judging by today’s events involving the Speaker in Parliament (BBC: Speaker announces he is to quit) , this article by Peter Oborne in the Daily Mail could be almost prophetic: “Ditch Speaker Martin, make Vince Cable Chancellor and freeze out the Tories… is this Brown’s masterplan for 2009?

But no one’s plan had MPs in disgrace. Through their own making these elected members have brought shame upon their profession and seem incapable of delivering a cohesive solution.

Around the country faith has been lost in their ability to act for the people.

The UK needs politicians to work together without trying to gain points off each other; it needs the parties to stop spinning their way out of trouble by telling the truth, and the country needs to be shown that this elected group of men and women, can solve problems through collaboration and the sharing ideas.

During this crisis of confidence the UK needs a Government of National Unity (GNU): all parties facing the same problems in the same direction.

The aims of the GNU could be this:

1.Return the Houses of Parliament to a reputable state.
2.Allow time for MPs to prove to their constituents they are suitable to continue.
3.When those two objectives are reached a General Election should be called to let the electorate decide who they want in Parliament.

we_need_a_gnu_iconIf you think “We need a GNU!” then join the Facebook group. If you are not a member of Facebook please add your comments below.

It’s Time To Reclaim Our Government.

Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament

The justified anger about MP’s expenses has led many people to demand that something must be done about the government.

But have you noticed that in times of stress and frustration with politicians we blame ‘the’ government? It’s almost seen a foreign entity that prods and pokes us in a most irritating manner. It’s blamed for almost everything yet we forget it is ‘our’ government.

We vote them into the House of Commons to spend ‘our’ money and so we are not only responsible for who takes charge of this country, but we also give them the funds to keep it going.

It is time to reclaim ‘our’ government and demand that ‘it’ work for ‘us’.

But we should not go down the route suggested by Lord Tebbit. (Boycott big parties, says Tebbit) He’s calling for people to demonstrate their anger by voting for minority parties at the forthcoming European elections and thereby give the main parties a “right kicking” (my words not his).

It’s difficult to see how this childish idea will help those in the real world and, when you remember that Lord Tebbit is unelected and can not be voted out, you wonder if a serious political, if not physical, revolution is required to get ‘our’ government back into ‘our’ hands.

However we, the voters, have to undergo our own mental revolution. We have to remember that pressure can be easily put on MPs by writing letters, sending emails, going to meetings and speaking out: telling the elected exactly how the electorate feel.

We also have to remember that voting is a privilege which was won by many brave and determined people in our past. As they say: “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.”

National apathy about politics has put us in this position and voting for minority parties, parties who are mainly concerned with single issues, will not make the situation any better.

We need the party system to disappear and a solution to this awful mess found without Labour or the Conservatives receiving beneficial spin from their actions or proposals.

A possible option could be a Government of National Unity.

It was suggested as a fantasy idea by Michael White when the financial crisis took hold in 2008. (Financial crisis may lead to government of national unity) and would mean that MPs work together for a common cause.

Seeing as Members of Parliament are so discredited, it could be the stop-gap that gives us an opportunity to reclaim “our government”.